What Is a Paddock?

Paddock, a term borrowed from horse racing, also applies to car and motorcycle competitions. The Paddock is a special area near the pit boxes, available to the racing teams

It usually is a large, parking-like area adjacent to the pit boxes, where the teams place their trucks, trailers, caravans, and the motorhomes to host the personnel.

Inside the Paddock, the teams perform all the pre-race maintenance activities, such as testing and tuning the vehicles. This area is attended by all the technicians and mechanics from the racing teams, as well as by pilots, journalists, VIPs and special hosts.

In order to explain in a few words what a Paddock is, we could say that it is a sort of backstage, where the race preparations are held. Here the racing professionals may spend their time in between the different stages of a competition and relax during the breaks.

What Is a MotoGP Paddock?

What we said before may also be applied to motor racing and the Moto Grand Prix. MotoGP Paddock and those of Moto2 and Moto3 provide a space for the teams to carry out all the needed technical operations. Here the racing personnel – including the MotoGP’s champions – can spend their time during the championship events.

Here is where you can feel MotoGP’s true magic, discover all the racing teams’ secrets, and understand how much work is required to organise a sporting event of this kind.

Watching MotoGP on tv is a thing. Watching it live from the stands is another. But none of these experiences can remotely match the emotions that you will live inside the Paddock.

How to Get Paddock Access?

Now that we have explained what a Paddock is, we can tell you how to get access to it. Moto2, Moto3, and MotoGP Paddocks are limited access areas, reserved to pilots, technicians, and teams’ personnel, as well as to journalists and special guests. To access the Paddock, you will require a nominal Pass.

This area is forbidden to the “standard” audience of a competition. However, thanks to Vanessa Paddock, you can choose not to be a spectator like the others. Our Paddock Passes will allow you to attend your chosen event as a guest of one of MotoGP’s main teams.

Your Paddock Pass will allow you to freely wander around the Paddock, attend the race preparation, share the same space with technicians and mechanics, and meet your heroes from MotoGP, Moto 2, and Moto3.

Our Passes include snacks, lunch, and beverages at the Paddock hospitality and racing teams gadgets. And since we want to provide you with a complete experience, we can take care of your flight, hotel, transfers, and any other need.

Live your dream inside the Paddock